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Rock N' Rye | Oyster House History

Opened in summer of 2014, Rock and Rye Oyster House has established itself to Bellingham’s restaurant scene as one of the primary seafood, cocktail and upscale dining locations. Rock and Rye is bsed in the historical Herald Building downtown in Bellingham on State Street. The cultivated historical building lays the perfect framework for the refined yet familiar restaurant. The exposed brick wall, high ceilings, hanging schoolhouse lights and dark wood finish all come together in the cozy atmosphere which encompasses the prime ambience for sipping on a whiskey and indulging in a plate of oysters or partaking in a pint and elaborate entrees or simple delectable happy hour appetizers, there is something for everyone.

Rock and Rye strives to be a contemporary casual restaurant offering a product that delivers quality ingredients sourced locally through partnerships with fishermen and shellfish farms, integrating a big city feel while honoring our small town roots and the community that supports Bellingham.

Our Staff

Stephen Crosier | Owner

The owner of Rock and Rye Oyster House in Bellingham, Washington, Stephen Crosier has been in the business for years. For more than 30 years, to be more specific. In his previous life, he managed nightclubs (including the infamous Doc Maynard’s) and the Seattle Underground Tours in the Pioneer Square neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.